HBI offers over 20 years of instrumentation experience and knowledge on COMAH sites. We pride ourselves on a safe and professional service offering our expertise to a vast array of industries those including the Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Steel, Oil, Gas and Pharmaceutical sectors.


At HumberBankInstruments we are a results-driven company which priorities safety, cost-effective solutions and exceeding client expectations. 


HumberBankInstruments offer various on-site installation solutions including cable management, cable installation and cable termination. 


HumberBankInstruments assist with maintenance works including various Daily Routine Maintenance, Instrument Fault Finding and Safety Instrumented Function Testing.

HumberBankInstruments provide labour and commissioning advice to our clients ensuring projects are completed within deadlines.

Health & Safety

Health, Safety and the Environment are key principles to HumberBankInstruments, we endeavor to protect our staff through comprehensive training and education. We feel our extensive health & safety policies, procedures and experience can help assure all work is capable of being carried out in a safe manor.



Email: info@humberbankinstruments.co.uk

Phone: 01472 476033

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